Monday, February 15, 2010

Story of Steve Jobs (Jobes) - new moses, saviour, prophet

(This story was written in late 21st century and read first time in early 28th century)

In the late 20th century there was a great kingdom of Sillicon Valley (Egypt) in the western america - hollyland as we know today was known as Hollywood then. There were two princes growing up in the kingdom - known as Gates (Ramsays) and Jobes (Moses). Jobes was very popular among the kingdom as the creative, genius, mercyful prince and Gates was notorious for his arrogant attitude.

Jobes knew how to create the great pyramid called windows and use mouse. People welcomed him as the new heir to the throne when he first show-cased his Windows pyramids.

But Gates did not like it. He stole the pyramid and the people Jobes had.
Gates wanted to inherit the kingdom and create his own empire with Windows like Pyramids. He made the people of hollyland his slaves to make his own big pyramids and he created windows 3.1, 95, NT, 2000 etc.

Gates threw Jobes out of his kingdom and Jobes went into exile to learn new tactics and to gain more power.

Gates built many pyramids with all the slaves and monkeys that he had hired. There were many bugs in his pyramids and many of them fell to the earth like Millenium and Vista. He kept building service packs to hold the pyramids high but people were disappointed. They were helpless against the empire.

Jobes came back and told all the people that they do not have to follow Gates. They can all free themselves from the bondage and he will take them to the hollyland where they can build their own little pyramids. They wont called slaves anymore and will call them developers. He told them this is what the God has decided and they should follow the path of God and not of Gates.

Gates called upon Jobes to show his own magic if God was really with him. Jobes took out his iPod and then iPhone. People liked both. iPhone had fight with Gates' windows and iPhone won.

People followed Jobes and asked him what does God wants them to do now. Jobes went on to the Mount Sinai to get the commandments from God. God gave him iPad and asked Jobes to give it to all the freedom loving people who are against Gates.

On the way Jobes dropped the iPad and its camera and USB slot fell off. But he still showed it to the people without Camera and USB slot.

People kept waiting to see the fallen parts, and still today in 28th century, there are romours that our pads will have camera and usb slots. Many prophet came and left us after Jobes (Moses) - they gave new testament of iPad and koran - but none gave us those missing pieces from God.

King of Greece was so mad one time that he crucified one of the prophet for not being able to install camera in his iPad.

Meanwhile, the people of far east invented parallelism (polytheism, multiple Gods) and can run multiple programs on their gPad (Google Pads).

Followers of Koran and New Testament are still fighting with eastern people for multiple-gods. they only like single god and so be it on iPad - that's what the Jobes had said - if you want to run multiple programs on your iPad then start believing in multiple gods.

Google was considered Pagan then because it allowed everything free. They enjoyed largest empire on earth then, they could not afford it anymore and all citizens of that kingdom started creating their own Pads and it went out of control.

There still followers of Gates who roam around this earth stealing your iPads so keep them safe, otherwise, they will install the viruses on your iPads and it will install Windows on it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My new samsung led hdtv

I got a new Samsung LED HDTV on Friday 2/5/2010. Its UN46B6000.

> First, I connected Direct Comcast cable into the TV's Antenna. I have Basic Comcast package. Then I ran the tv's setup options to scan all available channels. And it scanned all the HD channels availalble and it was looking great. But I wanted to play the sound in my home-theater system. Unfortunately I did not see any Component Audio Out ports that I can use. So, I had to use the TV's audio for those HDTV channels as well.

> Then I got the Digital Receiver from Comcast. Comcast cables goes directly into the Receiver and Receiver's RF Out goes directly into the TV's Antenna. This box also had the Audio out ports that I connected to Audio In of the home-theater system. So, Audio worked fine. But the Video quality of TV was not as great as I expected. I was getting better quality w/o the digital receiver. So, I learned now I need to get an HD Receiver that will do the job.

Other nice things about the TV were
- I could plug in my iPhone to its USB and could see the pictures. Could not see any videos yet.
- I could plug in my external Hard Disk via USB to the computer and see the pictures. Again, could not see any videos from Hard Disk.
- I plugged in my PC monitor cable to the TV, and it was looking great. Very good quality on the TV screen (1080p).

Looking forward to connect the TV to internet via regular LAN cable. There is LAN port. And see what all it can do. Also the wireless LAN adapter - but that costs > 50 dollars so holding off on that for now.

Monday, February 1, 2010

can iPad rewrite internet

From conservative point of view, this thought may be laughable, ridiculous.

Assuming that iPad and tablets like this will become as common as a notepad and sticky notes in your day-to-day life, would internet be limited to how its now via the servers, urls, domain names etc?

There is one internet that exists for serious business - where there are servers, IT teams, professionals, web applications and all sorts of complex processes to make everything work.

But then there is another internet, that is used by normal people to share their photos, videos and music files. They care less about how everything works, they just want to let others see what they have. And that's why the sites like Google Picasa, Flickr, Napster, YouTube all became famous and multi-million dollar business.

When iPad and devices like this will be connected all the time via wireless they in a way form their own network. And each such device can have its own NETWORK ID (iID?) Today in my contact list, I store the phone number and email address of a person. But that can extend to storing the NETWORK ID of the device as well. Each device can have an area (folder) in which the owner can put sharable files. And others can browse these files and download it or play right from it.

How easy would it be if you just browse other's iPad for their sharable content right from your iPad w/o going to url or browser or any html crap. It's like iLAN.

Then there would be some directories that would store the iPad's NETWORK IDs and the publicly available content in it. Information holders can even make money out of their own such information. All that Content publishing would take is to shoot a video and store it in such area of their iPad.

But, hard reality is Apple wants to be in between of all such transfers and they don't want any thing be published w/o their iTunes or AppStore. You can't even share ringtone. If they let go off their such greed or if Google or someone comes up with such freedom, we may see a new type of internet altogether in future.