Monday, February 1, 2010

can iPad rewrite internet

From conservative point of view, this thought may be laughable, ridiculous.

Assuming that iPad and tablets like this will become as common as a notepad and sticky notes in your day-to-day life, would internet be limited to how its now via the servers, urls, domain names etc?

There is one internet that exists for serious business - where there are servers, IT teams, professionals, web applications and all sorts of complex processes to make everything work.

But then there is another internet, that is used by normal people to share their photos, videos and music files. They care less about how everything works, they just want to let others see what they have. And that's why the sites like Google Picasa, Flickr, Napster, YouTube all became famous and multi-million dollar business.

When iPad and devices like this will be connected all the time via wireless they in a way form their own network. And each such device can have its own NETWORK ID (iID?) Today in my contact list, I store the phone number and email address of a person. But that can extend to storing the NETWORK ID of the device as well. Each device can have an area (folder) in which the owner can put sharable files. And others can browse these files and download it or play right from it.

How easy would it be if you just browse other's iPad for their sharable content right from your iPad w/o going to url or browser or any html crap. It's like iLAN.

Then there would be some directories that would store the iPad's NETWORK IDs and the publicly available content in it. Information holders can even make money out of their own such information. All that Content publishing would take is to shoot a video and store it in such area of their iPad.

But, hard reality is Apple wants to be in between of all such transfers and they don't want any thing be published w/o their iTunes or AppStore. You can't even share ringtone. If they let go off their such greed or if Google or someone comes up with such freedom, we may see a new type of internet altogether in future.

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