Wednesday, March 3, 2010

will iPad be Windows Killer

Here is a thought from young enterpreneurs that iPad could be Windows Killer.

Rather than being Windows Killer, iPad will replace Windows machines for your day-to-day use. But Windows machines will still coexist mainly for business applications and much of the development. Businesses will keep using Windows Servers to host their applications. Developers will continue building their apps using .Net and such Microsoft platforms and Windows will remain favorite platform for development purpose.

With iPad people will be more interested in using web-baesd applications then iPad based applications. And to develop web-based applications you don't have to have Mac based systems. You can develop application in Windows and keep Windows/IIS/SQL Server as your back-end.

iPad will put a dent in Windows PCs market share, but the Microsoft will still make profit out of iPad. People will prefer to use Outlook Calendar and synching with Outlook on their iPad. Microsoft will develop Office tools (iOffice) for iPad which will sell more than iWork. iOffice should be made cheaper and should not be 100$ it should be like 10$ and may be free for a lighter version. Even Office Live with iPad can be a big hit.

And Microsoft will loose some customers in the beginning but will come back with iPad like tablets that run on entirely different OS rather than Windows. Microsoft has to realize that "Innovation takes place at Apple", but Apple has to realize that "Bussiness takes place at Microsoft".

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